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Inspired by the legacy of a phenomenal woman, Earlene Green, whom our family so endearingly called, "Mama Green," our restaurant is anchored by her beautiful spirit and zeal for life and service. 


To me she was “Grandma," and the personification of beauty, grace, service, faith, and ministry. While being a wife and mother to her husband and six children, Earlene was also a First Lady of the church her husband (my grandfather), Dr. Willie O. Green, pastored for many years.


Mama Green’s illustrates the life of this exceptional woman and manifests through the artistry of food, combining soulful savory eats and rich delectable desserts.  Everything is made with a southern attitude, just like Grandma modeled for me.


Our vision encompasses my childhood memories in the kitchen with my grandmother and my genuine love for food. I can still remember her warm house filled with rich aromas that levitated me to the kitchen beside her. I was always the one asking to shake the chicken in the big brown paper bag before she fried it to golden perfection.  I still remember asking her to sneak me the spoon after she poured the cake batter into the pan.


Mama Green made it all! From her southern fried chicken and macaroni and cheese to her homemade yeast rolls and rich ice cream, her recipes charmed my pallet and my passion for cuisine.  Moreover, her famous southern teacakes fresh out of the oven became a staple among family members and friends.  Mama Green is the reason I fell in love with cooking.


In 2001 my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.  Although her memory faded, her sweet angelic spirit remained just as bright as it did when I watched her as a child in the kitchen preparing our family favorites. As my grandmother began to lose her memory, her recipes were then passed down to me. After a 17-year battle, on a sweet after Christmas morning my grandmother made her heavenly transition in 2018.


My Grandmother completely lost her memory as a result of her illness. Here at Mama Green's our mission is to keep my grandmother’s spirit and legacy alive by sharing her amazing dishes with unaltered quality, trendy appeal, and southern hospitality to give you a dining experience you'll never forget!


Here at Mama Green’s “Food Is Our Ministry “. So, like Grandma used to say “C’mon Y’all, It’s Ready!”

    Welcome To Mama Greens



Our Happy Clients

"This place was so awesome! A friend recommended this place to me and it was bomb! Felt really personal and has a very intimate feel, which is perfect for a date night."

Adair M.

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