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A Word From Our Chef

"Passion" derives from the Latin root 'pati'-which means "to suffer." Passion is what moves you to perservere at something despite fear, unhappiness,or pain.

My grandmother is my "PASSION".

Food is my 'MINISTRY'

Grandma you have passed the baton.

I'll take it from here.

Love Always,

Your Grandaughter D'ona



The vison of Mama Green's was illustrated from the treasured memories of fellowship with family and friends around the dinner table inside the home of Earlene Green. Mama Green's is our way of replicating the house that became " Home" to many. We have fulfilled our vision through “San Diego's Micro-Enterprise Home Kitchen Operation License" in hopes that by opening our home to our community we can be the beacon that houses beautiful memories by the means of food for the next generation. 

  Here at Mama Green’s we categorize ourselves as a “boutique dining experience”. We take minimal reservations to ensure we pay close attention to detail and the quality of our craft to provide our guests with an attentive, intimate, personal and premiere dining experience.  Here at Mama Green’s you will be immersed with Southern hospitality while basking in a quaint and cozy ambiance, serenaded by smooth jazz and adorned with candlelight and vintage-nostalgic décor. Mama Green’s is truly an unforgettable dining experience like no other.


Here at Mama Green’s we must follow the rules!


“The Rule of Southern Hospitality “


- You never simply stay at someone else's home. You're the guest, and  you're fed, fussed over, and made to feel like family.

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